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13 July 2020


2 weeks
8 hours per week
4 live virtual sessions per week


£2,750 ($3,400)

 Special group enrolment pricing


13 July 2020


2 weeks
8 hours per week
4 live virtual sessions per week


£2,750 ($3,400)

 Special group enrolment pricing

Why enrol for the Digital Banking Innovation programme?

The Digital Banking Innovation programme is one of the offerings in the Imperial Virtual Programme portfolio, characterised by live interactive sessions with faculty. This two-week virtual programme offers participants the opportunity to explore, understand and visualise the impact of emergent technologies, delivery mechanisms, and the impact of fintechs and non-financial disruptors on the status quo of traditional business models within financial services.

Through this interactive programme you will:

  • Develop an understanding of what it means to be truly digital vs digitising a process
  • Improve understanding of digital banking strategies, business models, technologies, and ‘outside-in’ customer approaches
  • Develop understanding of the digital banking landscape, comparing and contrasting dominant players, drivers for success and barriers to entry
  • Develop frameworks for embedding digital across customer touch points
  • Opportunity to meet and learn from some of the digital banking pioneers
  • Better understand the threat from potential disruptors and the opportunities in the space
  • A foundational understanding in ‘build’ vs. ‘buy’ technology employed in the creation of digital banks
  • Better understanding of the security threats that both incumbent and digital banks face
  • Shared skills in the cultural change required to be genuinely digital and a serious contender in the digital space
  • Understand investment opportunities in the digital banking space


Growth of UK digital banks in the second half of 2019



Of bankers believe intelligent technologies will transform their industry



About Imperial Virtual Programmes

At Imperial College London, our world-leading experts have combined scientific rigour with practical experience and the latest research to develop immersive virtual programmes – delivered in real time – in several areas of commerce, leadership and innovation so you can define the very future of business. Let us meet you where you are – and take you where you want to be.

  • Learn in real-time through live interactive sessions from Imperial faculty and industry leaders
  • Intensive approach that fits into your busy schedule
  • Up to four live sessions per week, 90 minutes with Q&A
  • Engaging, cutting-edge learning platform with mobile access
  • Limited seats available; secure your seat early
  • All live sessions are recorded so you can view them again at any time during the programme

Who is this programme for?

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview for executives interested in changing banking models and innovations in the way clients and customers access and interact with financial products. We delve into the reasons that these changes have occurred, who is driving this change, who is funding the growth and who is creating new propositions. We also look at the future of this new world order and what it might look like in years to come.

What you will learn

This two-week virtual programme features 90-minute live faculty lectures with a Q&A at the end of each session. The sessions include engaging “try-it” and crowdsourcing features that help create an interactive, personalised and supportive learning experience.

This session will introduce the world of digital banking, the emerging opportunities and how incumbents and new entrants are disrupting the banking sector.

This session explores the drivers of disruption and the different business models being harnessed to disrupt the banking sector.

This session will work through the different methods of building and adapting operations to digitise.

Building on how to set up digital banking operations, this session will provide techniques on how to identify emerging customer needs, as well as acquire and on-board new customers in a digital ecosystem. This session will also focus on the impact and influence of social media.

This session will build upon Daniel’s session in week 1 and will focus on how to manage social media in digital banking, as well as techniques to measure customer engagement.

This session provides a framework for managing cyber risk and introduces regulatory practices for a new digital bank.

This session covers the future of digital banking and opportunities to scale a start-up business unit.

The final session draws the previous sessions together to articulate a bespoke solution in the form of a roadmap for each participant.

Note: Each session commences at 9:00 AM BST.




Upon completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a verified Digital Certificate by Imperial College Business School Executive Education.


Note: As a live executive education programme, participant attendance and contribution is key to the learning experience and value of the programme. As such, participants are required to attend (or watch recordings of) 80% of the live sessions to receive their Certificate of Participation.


Early applications encouraged. Seats fill up quickly!

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