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8 June 2020


4 weeks
8 hours per week
4 live virtual sessions per week


£4,450 ($5,500)

 Special group enrolment pricing


8 June 2020


4 weeks
8 hours per week
4 live virtual sessions per week


£4,450 ($5,500)

 Special group enrolment pricing

Why enrol for the Leadership in a Technology Driven World programme?

Leadership in a Technology Driven World is one of the offerings in the Imperial Virtual Programme portfolio, characterised by weekly live interactive sessions with faculty online. It will equip participants with the skills to lead their teams through the digital age. The programme offers a practical and personalised learning approach, backed by theory and delivered through interactive coaching elements.

Through this immersive and interactive programme you will:

  • Receive insights through case studies, coaching and self-reflection into your personal leadership style
  • Understand effective leadership skills and techniques needed to lead teams through the digital age
  • Have a clear learning and development journey flowing from before the programme starts through to after its conclusion
  • Network with international peers from diverse industries and backgrounds


Organisations struggle to find and develop future-ready leaders. Only 41% think their organisations are ready to meet their leadership requirements.



About Imperial Virtual Programmes

At Imperial College London, our world-leading experts have combined scientific rigour with practical experience and the latest research to develop immersive virtual programmes – delivered in real time – in several areas of commerce, leadership and innovation so you can define the very future of business. Let us meet you where you are – and take you where you want to be.

  • Learn in real-time through live interactive sessions from Imperial faculty and industry leaders
  • Intensive approach that fits into your busy schedule
  • Up to four live sessions per week, 90 minutes with Q&A
  • Engaging, cutting-edge learning platform with mobile access
  • Limited seats available; secure your seat early
  • All live sessions are recorded so you can view them again at any time during the programme

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed for executives with team management responsibilities who need guidance on how to lead effectively in the digital age. Your class peers will come from a range of diverse, international industries and organisations.

What you will learn

This four-week virtual programme features 90-minute live faculty lectures with a Q&A at the end of each session. The sessions include engaging “try-it” and crowdsourcing features that help create an interactive, personalised and supportive learning experience.

Digital transformation is happening whether we like it or not. How does it affect you as a leader? What tools and approaches can make you more effective as a leader in a digital enterprise?

This session will feature an industry expert who will share their experience and showcase how you can implement your learnings in your organisation.

Learn to adopt a coaching mindset so you can expand from being a manager who organises to a leader who inspires.

We will discuss the What and How roadmap, explore learning models, learning cycle, situational leadership as well as the importance of psychological contracting.

To be an Authentic Leader you have to know who you are at your core. You also have to manage potential pressure points between your own values and those expected of you by your organisation.

In what sort of leadership situations are you really at your best? In this session, we will discuss what makes you distinctive and unique as a leader and challenge you to explore the implications of your leadership purpose for your leadership practice and career goals.

Managing your manager means building a relationship with your boss where he/she thinks highly of you, advocates for you and are active participants in advancing your career.

Some conversations are important yet have the potential to result in conflict and negative emotions. At the same time, not all potentially conflictual conversations need to be had. How do you decide which difficult conversations you need to have and how can you best approach these conversations?

In this session, we will talk about the diversity challenge facing managers in modern organisations. But while effectively managing diversity is challenging, it also creates important opportunities for building highly effective teams and cognitively diverse teams.

Leaders in organisations are more successful when followers and peers know and understand what they stand for and what their core capabilities and goals are. Understanding and managing your personal brand is therefore an important leadership capability and has an important impact on leadership success.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a powerful tool for leadership development. In this session, we will discuss EQ and explore how you can use this tool to enhance your leadership.

Cath will share her experience of being in and leading high performance teams to showcase how you can implement these learnings in an organisation.

Note: Each session commences at 9:00 AM BST.




Upon completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a verified Digital Certificate by Imperial College Business School Executive Education.


Note: As a live executive education programme, participant attendance and contribution is key to the learning experience and value of the programme. As such, participants are required to attend (or watch recordings of) 80% of the live sessions to receive their Certificate of Participation.


Early applications encouraged.

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